Roof repair Fairfield, CT

Roof Repair Services 
for Fairfield, CT; Stratford, CT & Trumbull, CT

The signs of an aging or damaged roof can be obvious. If you notice water stains on your ceiling and loose shingles on your lawn, it’s time to call an expert roofing contractor for roof repair services. We’ll do a complete evaluation and we’ll only fix what needs to be repaired. We repair all types of roofs including asphalt, rubber, metal, wood and slate. We offer our quality roof repair services to the greater Fairfield, CT; Stratford, CT; and Trumbull, CT areas. Call us today for more information on our roof repairs!

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Sometimes, the damage isn't quite as obvious. If you have an older roof, give us a call to come out and inspect your roof. We offer free estimates on our roof repair services!

New Roof Installation

We have installed countless roofs for homes in Fairfield, Trumbull and Stratford, CT. We’ll take the time to go over your options and find the best solution for your home. We use the highest-quality materials for our roof installation and we offer them at the best price.

Roof repair Stratford, CT

Residential Flat Roofs

We specialize in the installation and repair of flat roofs throughout the Fairfield and Stratford, CT areas. Our technicians are fully trained with all of the different techniques and materials involved with flat roofs and low-sloped roofs. Due to the threat of moisture and water damage, it takes an experienced roofing contractor to properly inspect, install and repair flat roofs. We’ll install an energy-efficient flat roof that is fully insulated.

Architectural Shingles

The latest advancement in roofing technology offers a stunning three-dimensional look and unmatched protection against the elements. Kerigan’s Roofing has extensive experience installing architectural shingles composed of the finest materials and constructed to last and protect for years. We specialize in using CertainTeed architectural shingles. Their versatile design allows for maximum protection for roofs of all shapes and sizes.

Roof repair Trumbull, CT

Roof Snow Removal

We offer expert roof snow removal to eliminate ice dams and potential problems. Excess snow can also be a weight hazard. Removing snow from your roof is dangerous and difficult. Without the right equipment and training, you could cause serious damage to yourself or your home. Call the professionals at Kerigan’s Roofing.

Roofing Contractor Fairfield, CT

Copper Flashing

For added protection for your roof, we can install copper flashing that channels rainwater away from vertical surfaces. Copper flashing keeps water from getting underneath roof materials and causing damage. It’s functional and beautiful. Copper flashing never corrodes and lasts for decades.

Skylight Replacement Services

If you notice water spots or cracks on your skylights, call Kerigan’s Roofing. We can replace your old skylights with quality, energy efficient products. We’ll check the glazing seals and assess and repair any damage caused by water leakage from your old skylights.

Gutter Screens

If you’re tired of climbing a ladder every fall to clear out the leaves from your gutters, call Kerigan’s Roofing and we’ll install gutter screens on your roof. Gutter screens allow for efficient water removal without the hassle of clogged gutters and drains.

Seamless Gutters

We custom fit seamless gutters for your home to provide years of protection. Seamless gutters and downspouts are affordable and easier to maintain.

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